How to choose your Next Biometric Time Clock System

Most popular biometric time clocks today use optical scanning technology to recognize employees’ fingerprints. The scanner uses an LED light to illuminate the finger – it creates the fingerprint image by determining the light and dark areas created by the fingerprint ridges. Unfortunately, the accuracy of optical scanner is limited. Since it scans a small surface of the fingertip, oftentimes the saved image does not match the actual finger unless employee places it on the scanner the same exact way when it was initially enrolled. Manually re-positioning fingers to get the right reading can be time-consuming and leave employees and supervisors frustrated. Certain groups of population, like the Elderly tend to have difficult time with fingerprint readers in general. With age, our skin begins to lose elasticity which can affect how well a fingerprint image scanner works. Other groups that may have a tougher time include people that work a lot with their hands or that have especially dry or oily skin. It is estimated that Fingerprint

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Turn your Android device into mobile biometric GPS enabled time clock

Allied Time USA is pleased to announce the release of the CloudBiometry mobile APP for Android devices.   As part of our ongoing FREE TRIAL offer on the leading CloudBiometry Employee Time Clock software, clients can now download the APP and track employees’ time, location and job code as well confirm identity through the “selfie punch” option using android device’s forward facing camera. CloudBiometry is a cloud based system that can be accessed through the CB4000 Face/Palm/Finger Scan terminal as well as any desktop or mobile browser.  By including the APP as an input option, employers can now turn any android phone or tablet into a mobile biometric time clock.  Geo fence capabilities allow for punches to be restricted to a certain location; out of area punches are logged and located in a separate report to await supervisors’ approval.   Employees can also check their current status and worked hours in real time thereby cutting down on confusion, mistakes and HR interaction. 

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Simple Time & Date Stamps for Employee Time Tracking & More!

For decades now, a simple and affordable time clock solution for employee time-tracking was to use a time & date stamp machine.  These machines are also commonly known as Side Printers due to the open throat on the front of the unit where the paper is inserted to stamp. This simple-to-use device is extremely versatile and can be used for many other purposes as well. For example, a restaurant may want to track orders as they enter or exit their kitchen to maintain a high standard of quality control. A car dealership or service center may track work from one department to another as a vehicle moves through maintenance, repairs, inspections, and even detail. Another alternative use may be to track incoming mail or other received documents with the stamp.  Various government agencies use this method to mark and confirm the time and date that a permit request was applied for or granted as well as other paper trail tracking

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Time Clocks and IOT (the Internet of Things)

The internet revolution is upon us and data is the new frontier.  For employers who understand the need to innovate to remain competitive, leveraging the latest technology can sometimes be a challenge. An overwhelming array of choices will continue to follow as the Internet of Things (IOT) rolls out.  Initially, web based tool sets or “The Cloud” were seen solely as Software as a Service (SAS.)  Now as Hardware integration products are being engineered for industrial and commercial standards, Unique Identifiers (UID) provide inter-connectivity. New possibilities in security and efficiency and compliance are easily achievable for any size firm. Among the real world examples of the hardware and software inter-connectivity are biometric timeclocks. The value proposition and return on investment compared to the barrier to entry with this type of system should be considered by all business owners.  With FREE SOFTWARE TRAILS available, management of time theft, unauthorized overtime and timeline budgets becomes far more straightforward.  Proactive alerts keep supervisors

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Why not use biometric time clocks for classroom students and other training?

Historically, timeclock technology for tracking punches and attendance was primarily used to compile data on hourly employees’ payroll.  Overtime recording salary workers, sub-contractors and even visitors time reporting became necessary as well. Today this same technology is also increasingly adopted for various educational institutions.  Trade schools, Religious training centers and providers of Continuing Education Units (CEU) are among those leveraging the security and efficiency of cloud based time and attendance systems. Without biometric verification students can “buddy punch “.  This term is really just a euphemism for fraud.  Additionally honest mistakes by students as well as data entry human error can occur without the consolidated reports generated in web based software. Implementing a system such as the CB4000 Biometric Time Clock is a very efficient and straightforward way to ensure that students are meeting their obligations without taking away valuable time from instruction.

Timeclocks Take a leap forward in Technology: The Palm Vein Reader is a game changer

The CB4000 Web Based time clock from Allied Time USA is a revolutionary new time system.  It features an infra-red palm vein reader that is far more accurate than fingerprint readers; more affordable than HP hand readers and considered by some users to be less obtrusive than facial recognition biometrics. Biometric employee time keeping systems can be a huge boon to small businesses needing to maximize security, efficiency and compliance,  but only if they are dependable. Simply place a hand over the cameras WITH FINGERS SPREAD SO LIGHT CAN BE SEEN BETWEEN THEM and back the hand away slowly. Within a few seconds the employee’s identity is established and they are guided to a touch screen menu that allows for clocking in and out, changing JOBS or checking past punches. Clients that prefer any other clock-in/out methods such as fingerprint, face recognition, badge or PIN code can use ANY OR ALL of these methods on this same CB4000 time clock

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Security, Efficiency and Compliance: how to leverage employee time tracking for profitability

The actual value prospect of a modern employee time clock system is being grasped by early adopters and tech savvy entrepreneurs. Web based or online time systems use the cloud to compile data to create powerful analytics and reporting.  Allied Time offers an easy to use online time clock system that is free to try and guaranteed to save enough to more than pay for itself many times over each month. Below we will showcase the functions and features that can positively change a company’s culture and add to the bottom line. SECURITY: Fraud prevention is a paramount concern for every business.  Time theft, buddy punching, wage fraud and padding hours have traditionally been challenges that required a supervisor to physically watch over the clock and at times manually maintain a who’s in/out record.  Dependable biometric hardware is now available, affordable and simple to deploy.  Authenticating all punches protects against honest mistakes as well.  The American Payroll Association estimates that

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Employee Time Tracking: Cost of Ownership VS ROI

Payroll is the largest overhead segment for most small businesses and a significant portion of cost for all firms.  Accurate employee time and attendance tracking for payroll reporting is key to profitability. A traditional punch time clock is often still a comfortable and easy choice; these legacy low cost time clock systems seem to offer a convenient and familiar environment for employees and seasoned payroll personnel. However, for companies with more than 12 employees, or more than one location, or out-of- office workers a cloud based employee attendance software may be the best investment they can make to ensure security, efficiency and compliance. Real time, biometrically verified, encrypted data sent in proactive alerts keep admins informed of slack crews and unauthorized overtime to stay on budget and adhere to timelines.  So, what is the trust cost of ownership when we consider a low up front cost solution? By comparison the hard costs of a paper card time clock include ongoing

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The All New Allied Time Line of Time Clocks!

Allied Time USA INC., an established leader in the workforce management arena, is proud to announce the initial roll out of its complete line of it’s private label time clocks for employee time tracking and time/ date stamping. With more than 50 years of business to business experience in marketing time and attendance, Allied Time has designed a series of punch clocks that fill a variety of needs. From side printers, to top loaders and even cloud based facial and fingerprint biometric options, these products are taking the industry by storm.

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Today Allied Time USA, a leading manufacturer and reseller in the employee time and attendance field, announced the launch of its new time card calculation APP called TimeAlly for both Android and IOS.   Employers that collect time cards from non-calculating punch clocks (side print date and time stamps and basic top loading machines) can save time and reduce costs with this easy to use APP.  With custom date range, employee name section, average daily hours as well as totals in payroll ready hundredths format, human resource professionals can use TimeAlly as a straightforward management tool to improve efficiency.  Even if employees are using hand written time sheets the APP can convert the data to an electronic format for quick hours worked computation. Any smart phone or tablet can be used; there is no need to log in from a desktop PC to use this handy tool. Download your Free Copy today (TimeAlly available at both GooglePlay and iTunes stores).