How to choose your Next Biometric Time Clock System


Most popular biometric time clocks today use optical scanning technology to recognize employees’ fingerprints. The scanner uses an LED light to illuminate the finger – it creates the fingerprint image by determining the light and dark areas created by the fingerprint ridges.

Unfortunately, the accuracy of optical scanner is limited. Since it scans a small surface of the fingertip, oftentimes the saved image does not match the actual finger unless employee places it on the scanner the same exact way when it was initially enrolled. Manually re-positioning fingers to get the right reading can be time-consuming and leave employees and supervisors frustrated. Certain groups of population, like the Elderly tend to have difficult time with fingerprint readers in general. With age, our skin begins to lose elasticity which can affect how well a fingerprint image scanner works. Other groups that may have a tougher time include people that work a lot with their hands or that have especially dry or oily skin. It is estimated that Fingerprint Scanners may reject fingerprints for up to 10% of users! Furthermore for out of office workers as well as food service and health care sectors fingerprints are never recommended.

Our CB4000 Biometric Time Clock eliminates the above mentioned frustrations. With the superior technology of Infrared Palm Vein Scan, false rejection issues are no longer a concern. The unique design works on the premise that the vein pattern under the skin has a specific signature to each person much like a fingerprint (without the variables of environment, wear or inferior lenses and light sources.) The infrared spectrum is safe and commonly used on a variety cameras for night lighting situations.  The user simply places their hand over the lens with fingers spread apart and within a few seconds their identity is confirmed allowing them to clock in or out as well as utilize the employee kiosk functions within the user interface on the clock hardware.

In addition to Palm Vein Scanner, the CB4000 also has facial scanner, fingerprint scanner and RFID badge scanner; in our opinion the palm vein scanner is by far the most reliable and accurate biometric reader in the market.  Moreover, the affordability of the CB4000 and the lifetime warranty included guarantees a reoccurring return on investment that should be equal to %5 of payroll EACH PAY PERIOD.  This ongoing value is so profound that we proudly offer a free trial on the software and no contract for subscription to guarantee your firm’s continued benefit in the future. Visit us for more information, or sign up for a free demo/consultation here

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