Turn your Android device into mobile biometric GPS enabled time clock

Allied Time USA is pleased to announce the release of the CloudBiometry mobile APP for Android devices.   As part of our ongoing FREE TRIAL offer on the leading CloudBiometry Employee Time Clock software, clients can now download the APP and track employees’ time, location and job code as well confirm identity through the “selfie punch” option using android device’s forward facing camera.

CloudBiometry is a cloud based system that can be accessed through the CB4000 Face/Palm/Finger Scan terminal as well as any desktop or mobile browser.  By including the APP as an input option, employers can now turn any android phone or tablet into a mobile biometric time clock.  Geo fence capabilities allow for punches to be restricted to a certain location; out of area punches are logged and located in a separate report to await supervisors’ approval.   Employees can also check their current status and worked hours in real time thereby cutting down on confusion, mistakes and HR interaction.  A low monthly subscription for the software is required after the free trial period ends; ongoing use of the Free App is included in that subscription.

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