Time Clocks and IOT (the Internet of Things)


The internet revolution is upon us and data is the new frontier.  For employers who understand the need to innovate to remain competitive, leveraging the latest technology can sometimes be a challenge.

An overwhelming array of choices will continue to follow as the Internet of Things (IOT) rolls out.  Initially, web based tool sets or “The Cloud” were seen solely as Software as a Service (SAS.)  Now as Hardware integration products are being engineered for industrial and commercial standards, Unique Identifiers (UID) provide inter-connectivity. New possibilities in security and efficiency and compliance are easily achievable for any size firm.

Among the real world examples of the hardware and software inter-connectivity are biometric timeclocks. The value proposition and return on investment compared to the barrier to entry with this type of system should be considered by all business owners.  With FREE SOFTWARE TRAILS available, management of time theft, unauthorized overtime and timeline budgets becomes far more straightforward.  Proactive alerts keep supervisors focused on core competency instead of having to be distracted by double checking that actually workers are on site, on task and on time.  Encryption of data files and redundant backups ensure smooth payroll and regulatory processes.

We at Allied Time USA strive to offer the most competitive and innovative products in this field; please let us know if you would like to schedule a free consultation.

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