Why not use biometric time clocks for classroom students and other training?

Historically, timeclock technology for tracking punches and attendance was primarily used to compile data on hourly employees’ payroll.  Overtime recording salary workers, sub-contractors and even visitors time reporting became necessary as well.

Today this same technology is also increasingly adopted for various educational institutions.  Trade schools, Religious training centers and providers of Continuing Education Units (CEU) are among those leveraging the security and efficiency of cloud based time and attendance systems.

Without biometric verification students can “buddy punch “.  This term is really just a euphemism for fraud.  Additionally honest mistakes by students as well as data entry human error can occur without the consolidated reports generated in web based software.

Implementing a system such as the CB4000 Biometric Time Clock is a very efficient and straightforward way to ensure that students are meeting their obligations without taking away valuable time from instruction.

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