Timeclocks Take a leap forward in Technology: The Palm Vein Reader is a game changer

The CB4000 Web Based time clock from Allied Time USA is a revolutionary new time system.  It features an infra-red palm vein reader that is far more accurate than fingerprint readers; more affordable than HP hand readers and considered by some users to be less obtrusive than facial recognition biometrics. Biometric employee time keeping systems can be a huge boon to small businesses needing to maximize security, efficiency and compliance,  but only if they are dependable.


Simply place a hand over the cameras WITH FINGERS SPREAD SO LIGHT CAN BE SEEN BETWEEN THEM and back the hand away slowly.

Within a few seconds the employee’s identity is established and they are guided to a touch screen menu that allows for clocking in and out, changing JOBS or checking past punches.

Clients that prefer any other clock-in/out methods such as fingerprint, face recognition, badge or PIN code can use ANY OR ALL of these methods on this same CB4000 time clock hardware. PIN codes offer very little security but could be appropriate if supervisors are typically present for employee punching events.  Badges (especially when assigned to employees to carry on their person) can offer some deterrence from buddy punching as well as honest mistakes.  However, biometric time and attendance systems offer a reoccurring value prospect that can save around 5% of overall payroll cost.  Additional methods for employee time tracking include PC and MOBILE DEVICE punching.

For more info visit our online store Allied Time. You can also schedule a free consultation or sign up for a free trial at https://mycloudtime.com/en/company/signup .


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