Security, Efficiency and Compliance: how to leverage employee time tracking for profitability


The actual value prospect of a modern employee time clock system is being grasped by early adopters and tech savvy entrepreneurs. Web based or online time systems use the cloud to compile data to create powerful analytics and reporting.  Allied Time offers an easy to use online time clock system that is free to try and guaranteed to save enough to more than pay for itself many times over each month. Below we will showcase the functions and features that can positively change a company’s culture and add to the bottom line.


Fraud prevention is a paramount concern for every business.  Time theft, buddy punching, wage fraud and padding hours have traditionally been challenges that required a supervisor to physically watch over the clock and at times manually maintain a who’s in/out record.  Dependable biometric hardware is now available, affordable and simple to deploy.  Authenticating all punches protects against honest mistakes as well.  The American Payroll Association estimates that a minimum of 5% bottom line savings can be realized on payroll cost with biometrics.


Real time, encrypted, biometrically verified data is further valuable because admins can recognize a problem and correct it before it spins out of control.  If there are schedule deviations or aren’t enough workers on site, then those problems can be managed immediately.  By realizing by a proactive alert feature that unauthorized overtime is approaching, one can stay on budget without having to find out after the fact that it’s been blown.


Labor boards require backups of all punch clock data.  Having custom date range reports for each employee drawn from data that is secure through multilayered encryption and redundant storage ensures against false claims and can almost immediately clarify any confusion by employees, supervisors or Governmental agencies.

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