Today Allied Time USA, a leading manufacturer and reseller in the employee time and attendance field, announced the launch of its new time card calculation APP called TimeAlly for both Android and IOS.   Employers that collect time cards from non-calculating punch clocks (side print date and time stamps and basic top loading machines) can save time and reduce costs with this easy to use APP.  With custom date range, employee name section, average daily hours as well as totals in payroll ready hundredths format, human resource professionals can use TimeAlly as a straightforward management tool to improve efficiency.  Even if employees are using hand written time sheets the APP can convert the data to an electronic format for quick hours worked computation. Any smart phone or tablet can be used; there is no need to log in from a desktop PC to use this handy tool. Download your Free Copy today (TimeAlly available at both GooglePlay and iTunes stores).

One thought on “TimeAlly

  1. Question: AT-4500, Bi-weekly Pay Cycle. Does the time clock fill up the front side of the card first, and then allow using the back side if necessary? Can it detect when the front side is full, and then permit punching on the back side? I’m trying to use the back side for week 2, but it won’t allow me; it goes beep-beep. I am writing notes at the bottom of the front side; will that interfere with the operation? We just started on week 2; soon we will find out what is going to happen.


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