Facial Recognition Time Clock Overview


If you are considering biometric time clock solution, you have probably come across Face Recognition Technology as one of the newest biometric verification methods available. The biggest advantage of Face Verification versus hand or fingerprint scan, is that it is completely touch free. Biometric Face Reading devices are impervious to dust or grime that would typically present high rejection rates with fingerprint or hand scanning time clocks. It also eliminated the issue with employees having dry or damaged skin preventing them from using fingerprint readers successfully.

The new generation face reader time clocks are very efficient and extremely accurate. These devices use built-in camera lenses to scan up to 60 different points of employee’s face. The process is rather quick, allowing employees to punch IN or OUT with just a glance in less than 2 seconds of verification time!

The facial readers are also hygiene, because employees do not need to touch anything on the clock. This helps in reducing the spread of germs or viruses in a shared working environment. Some facial time clocks offer built-in RFID badge reader that can be used as an additional punching method in lieu of facial scan.

With pricing starting as low as $429.00 for a complete kit, the Facial Recognition time clocks make a great alternative to expensive hand reader solutions or unreliable fingerprint scanners Check out our Facial Time Clock System offers to chose one for your business today!

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