A Guide to Keeping Fingerprint Time Clocks Clean

Allied Time has been a reputable and trusted time clock superstore for over 45 years. That being said, they know that the quality of your security lies on the quality of your product. If you want to maximize your time clocks’ efficiency, periodic maintenance is recommended.

If you own an Allied Time fingerprint timeclock, then you’ve been exposed to the precision that their clocks are known for. However, it’s still important to clean your fingerprint timeclocks regularly – even if it is in a traditional office setting where hands stay relatively clean. This is because your fingertips naturally exude oil, which can lead to a film on the scanner over time.

You can make sure that your employee time clock is clean and working properly by performing some routine maintenance. Here are a few tips for cleaning and maintaining your biometric time clocks:

Use Compressed Air Ideally,  all electronics should be used in a clean, indoor environment.  For periodic cleaning a recommended method is the use of compressed air canisters made specifically for this task.  Canned gas dusters are commercially available at office supply stores and online; they are 100% ozone safe.

Use a soft cloth. You’ll want to make sure that you avoid using a hard cloth or other material when cleaning. Using a hard material can scratch the surface of the reader, causing it to not properly read fingerprints. A soft, lint-free cloth will work in most instances.

Avoid bleach or industrial solvents. Using bleach or chlorine-based cleaners may not necessarily damage the components of your time clock, but they can cause discoloration or damage to the outside of the unit. You’ll want to avoid using any of these products or industrial solvents that can be damaging to electronics. In most cases, a light cleaning with rubbing alcohol will do the trick.

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