The All New AT Line

Allied Time USA INC., an established leader in the workforce management arena, is proud to announce the initial roll out of its complete line of it’s private label time clocks for employee time tracking and time/ date stamping.  With more than 50 years of business to business experience in marketing time and attendance, Allied Time has designed a series of punch clocks that fill a variety of needs. From side printers, to top loaders and even cloud based facial and fingerprint biometric options, these products are taking the industry by storm.

The AT2500 replaces the AT2400 with a more reliable and user friendly experience.  This top loading time clock offers the ease of use that allows an employee to simply drop the card into the slot and the clock prints in the correct block every time.  This feature prevents over printing and eliminates the need for the employee to line up the cards.  The attractive price point and simple interaction makes this clock very popular with small businesses.  This unit comes bundled with a rack, time cards, ribbon, keys, manual and quick start guide as well as introduction to TimeAlly, a free APP that calculates worked hours and eliminates the need to convert to decimals manually.

The AT3000 is an affordable time date stamp.  This side printer can be used for marking on employee time cards or to stamp any other document as well.  Set up is easy and the use is straightforward due to an intuitive red bold guide line on the front of the machine.  There is a margin setting lever on the underside of the machine to facilitate a variety of uses on standard forms or random types of papers.  As with all of the AT non-calculating hardware, the use of the TimeAlly APP is free but valuable time saver for totaling worked hours by employee.

The AT3500 is the heavy duty and customizable time and date stamping machine in this new line.  At the time of purchase a client may request that the Allied Time USA staff preprogram a custom message to be printed along with the time and date.  Typically around 15 characters including spaces are available to opt for such messages as the name of the company or government entity using the stamp.  Additionally, verbiage such as “Received” or “Filed” can be added instead to document any number or processes in your workflow. If the 3500 is being used for employee time tracking, the TimeAlly APP can streamline to process at no charge.

The AT4500 is the top of the line paper time card machine from Allied Time.  This top loading, calculating clock can accommodate any pay period.  The  advantage to having the employee hours totaled across for the day and down the card for the pay period allows the employee to instantly review their running total at a mere glance while punching in or out.  Two sided cards allow for bi-weekly and semimonthly use.  The ease of use from a top loader combined with the advanced features of time calculation make this an ideal choice for the HR  who wants a traditional card but doesn’t want to waste time with adding up times.


The AT5000 is a unique piece of hardware in the Employee Time and Attendance tracking field.  This clock calculates the worked hours on an internal chip that can be downloaded to a PC via a USB stick or printed right at the clock with the on board thermal printer.  Punch in methods include a fingerprint reader option as well as radio frequency identification (RFID) badges.  Additionally one of the more powerful features of this system is that the internal battery that can be turned on for use away from power sources.   Mobile biometric time tracking has never before been available at such a low price. This system has become very popular with employers who track their workers out of the office or do not have a computer and or power near their work stations.

Allied Time USA is historically one of the premier resellers of Cloud based time and Attendance.  Now as it transitions into a private label OEM firm, the AT line reflects a new offer, the Alliance system.  Powered by a proven calculating engine and some of most prolific hardware in the market, Alliance offers these best management practices for any size company.  With the most competitive rates for service and ongoing support, the clear choice for the discerning professional is this software as service (SAS) platform.   Unlike most other suppliers’ offers, this system can collect data even when offline.  Multiple locations can be combined onto a single set of powerful reports with the cumbersome additional “per clock” fees charged on the antiquated systems being sold by competitors. Cloud based workforce management is now not only affordable for small business, Alliance brings the further value propositions of efficiency through real time data processing, compliance via ongoing backups on the web and security against time theft (or “buddy punching”)  with biometric fingerprint or facial recognition scanners.

The AT10C fingerprint reader is a reliable, field tested unit that offers RFID badge and PIN code punch in options as well.  The standard WIFI module allows for wireless communication.  The F300 is the facial recognition hardware that works with Alliance; with Ethernet connection the F300 provides more biometric verification especially in rougher environments.  The Alliance system has offline data buffering means that even if your internet is down, the system continues to record punches and updates the account once communication is reestablished.  This distinguishes the Alliance system from other national brands that cannot work at all without internet and will subsequently lose data collection capacity during an outage.  Advanced features such as GPS enabled smart phone APP, job tracking, overtime tracking, benefit accruals, email alerts and more provide a distinct reoccurring return on investment for Alliance users.

Real time data collection and processing can provide a competitive advantage and the accurate reliability of this data will be increasingly paramount for success as the information revolution. As technology advances and the marketplace becomes more complex, consumers can count on continued development of cutting edge solutions from Allied Time USA.